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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marketing Public Relations in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Develop a news-worthy, informative release that both introduces your company and informs a targeted audience about anything from new key hires, new service offerings, how a political climate affects your small business, or promoting your attendance of an event.

The key in step one is to write the release so that it both informs without sounding promotional and uses key words, a couple of links, and an About Us.

Step 2

Prepare the release, select related topics, identify relevant keywords and target its distribution based on geography and interest.

A targeted release will result in more valuable traffic. What you don’t want to do is submit releases that drive a tremendous amount of traffic that never convert to something more.

Step 3

Choose a delayed send of the release. The release should be timely, but sending the release out on a Friday night will result in it being seen as “old news” by the public come Monday morning.

Conclusion ::

Your online press release is as easy to distribute as cut and paste. It’s more powerful than self-serving online banner ads and it’s much less expensive than you might think.

Give online press releases a try. You’ll see that it’s really pretty easy.