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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google Recommendations to Move up in Search Results

I just gone through with Google’s official view point about the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google Grants Blog, where Galen Panger, an Associate, Google Communications and Google for Non-Profits, has focused to bust the old myths about SEO like SEO is all about technical and one should not perform SEO, if he/she doesn’t have technical/programming knowledge. He also mentioned the same in his postwhat you can accomplish with SEO doesn't require any programming or technical skills, but it does require a big-picture awareness of your issue.

He has also recommended few points that one should consider while doing SEO for his/her website:

  1. To obtain good results in search engine rankings, one must first require knowledge of keyword research and keywords popularity. Take the concepts and phrases in your site and compare them with related using the tools Google's Keyword Tool and Insights for Search. Make sure to develop related pages focused on what people are talking about and in the language they use.

  2. Use these key phrases on the pages where they accurately match with the page content especially in page titles, section headings and in URLs. If you have added many pictures or graphics associate with that page, make sure to make an arrangement in a way that your most important content should be appear on the web page as Googlebot doesn’t read the images.

  3. Finally, link popularity is the main factor that determines much of your ranking in search results. Link popularity can be calculated on the basis of how many quality websites are linking to your websites. To increase link popularity, post the informative content on your website so that others would love to link with your website. Use social media optimization activities to attract plenty of quality backlinks.