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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Online Reputation Management: Monitor Your Online Reputation

At the time to use a service or buy a product, consumers and businesses use the Internet as a source of information and comparison. A recent study published by a renowned organization informs that 60% of users are in search engines to find information on a product and / or service. This means that the content of the Internet has a significant influence over the decision of consumers to make a purchase. That is solely depends upon your e-reputation i.e. How someone, something is seen on the Internet.

That is why the quality of content pages published on the Internet is increasingly important. It is crucial that potential customers are not getting pernicious information, which runs counter to your products and services. There are various online strategies to resolve this type of publicity damages, but the main thing is to know what is said about your business on the net.

If you are a victim of a pernicious and negative publicity in the search results in any form whatsoever. Search Engine Reputation Management (or SERM) tactics can help you to shelter your reputation from the negative search results that are visible on some important search engine queries. To do that you need to analyze each particular case and puts in place a strategy personally to resolve any problem of negative reputation. This will include a review of search results, forums and blogs for inherent opinions on company products or under your name.

How can you monitor your online reputation?

Search engines are probably the most important source to monitor your reputation. Use these search services for a search by name, company or product.

Blogs are becoming more and more influence on the services listed below, you can browse the blogosphere.
Google Blog Search

News services quickly to show whether it is news about your company or its products.
Tip: Use the possibilities of a news alerts via e-mail that fit your supervised terms, to inform.
Google News
Yahoo News
MSN News