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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Newbie Bonus: Almost Everyone is Entitled

When Google index a new website, the particular website receives a bonus for a period of two to three months that is known as “newbie bonus” in the SEO jargon. This literally means "Bonus for new".

Google places the new site on the first pages of results for related keywords, sometimes even in the top 10. Thus, the webmaster has got the opportunity to prove itself and demonstrate that its site is interesting and can sustain the current positions in Google rankings. Depending on the number of visits during the first month and the evolution of content, Google decides if the site should be removed from the top 10 or not.

So to get good positions over Google, It is important to ensure that regular changes in the content should be made so that search engines can observe that it's a living site and not a ruin and you could be benefited by newbie bonus provided by Google.