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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Negative Keywords-Unethical way of Optimization

One of the prominent problem faced in the arena of Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing is how the junk traffic can be avoided . And the term Junk Traffic has a direct relationship with keyword bringing traffic. The Keywords can be Negative or Positive keywords

Negative keywords are those which are totally irrelevant to the website you are promoting . Negative Keywords are used in keyword advertising to prevent ads from being shown when the search terms contain the negative keywords . For example the keyword “FREE” has a lot of traffic but if you are not giving anything for free then it is an absolute disaster to your website as it will attract Junk Traffic .The conversion of visitors into business leads would be very low and the cost would be tremendously high .

But still some sites do promotion on the negative keywords just to attract traffic this is called negative keyword promotion or optimizing negative keyword . Negative keyword promotion has some advantages like , in case if some spelling error occurs while inserting a search term. For example a site name is www.oleklezbezone.com , a user can easily commit a mistake while writing the site address as a result an unwanted result generated on the the search engines due to which a relevant customer will not be able to get to you . Now the concept of optimizing on the negative keywords comes. If the optimization has been done on the positive as well as the negative keywords the problem can be solved .

It's essential that the negative keywords are not used in excess as it can result in a very limited advertising audience. But not using any negative keyword at all may result in a meager number of users interested in your business and service . One should always consider negative keywords while framing a successful keyword list and keep a close eye on the combination of the two so that a feasible option can be thought out . Thoughtfully chosen negative keywords can help in lowering the wasted clicks and hence better results . A well-targeted keyword list can be the cause of lower advertising costs and leads generating clicks .

The point is we can search for this kind of errors which are very repetitive and worth bidding on and promote the site on that keyword too.

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