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Friday, July 18, 2008

SEO Recommendations By Google For Website Owners!!

I was reading an article on Google regarding What is an SEO? Does Google recommend them? And I found something very interesting there. Initially that article was mainly focused on providing negative information about SEO like SEO scam information and the disadvantages of SEO. But now they have re-written that article and supported the SEO techniques and valuable services.

Google have recommended some valuable services of SEO for website owners in its article. That includes:

  • Reviewing and providing recommendations on your site content or structure
  • Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
  • Content development
  • Managing online business development campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • SEO training
Google have also suggested the website owners regarding when they should hire a SEO for the website. In its article, Google recommend that an SEO should be hired at the starting level of website design or before the website launching. So that a website owner and SEO can make a website Google friendly and remove all the technical errors/reasons from the website that could affect negatively to the website in the future.


Stathis of FindMyCompany.com said...

Yes, you are correct, SEO is extremely beneficial, however must been performed correctly. Complete SEO services include on page optimization and link building. Performing of these tasks alone does not help. On page optimization lets Google know that your website is coded property and that you know what you are doing. Back links help tell the search engines that you are not only popular but know how to effectively increase your popularity if those backlinks are also relevant and have a high PR.

Below is an example of specific tasks performed for on page optimization. For an effective SEO campaign, the following tasks are continuously performed month to month to increase rankings and traffic. This on page optimization work is continuously tweeked from month to month as search engine rules changes, competition changes, and relevancy and rankings trends continue to change. If an SEO campaign is carried out effectly, it is by far the best ROI for your marketing buck. Thank you, Stathis Edel of Find My Company.com Search Engine Optimization and Website
Design Company

© Find My Company LLC.
􀀹 Meta tags Optimization
􀂾 By preparing relevant and unique meta tags details for each and every web page with respective to its
content and targeted Keywords and Key phrases
􀀹 Content optimization
􀂾 Content optimization is a vital part of on page optimization.
􀂾 Placing of right content on right place because some times search engines pickup description from body
text in SERPs (If required).
􀂾 Placing and improvement of the appearance (keyword density) of keywords and key phrases in the web
􀂾 Removal of Temporary Redirects on page (If required).
􀂾 If possible then make JavaScript and CSS External.
􀂾 Put Style sheets at the Top (If required).
􀂾 Using of HTML Tags According to the keywords Importance (If required).
􀂾 Checking of the duplicacy of content.
􀂾 Removal extra white space between title and tagline to reduce the size of web page.
􀀹 Image optimization
􀂾 As, search engine can't read the image that's why with the help of image optimization we can make our
image readable by search engine through ALT and Title Attributes.
􀀹 Google canonical optimization [Site must be hosted on Apache (.htaccess)]
􀂾 Server Header Optimization (example.com, example.com/index.html, example.com/index.htm) into main
site domain (http://www.example.com) to improve the site indexing in Google (If required).
􀂾 404 error optimization by creating a customize web page 404 error page (If required).
􀂾 Permanently redirect important pages which have been deleted from sever end but still indexed in
search engine and coming into SERPs (If required).
􀀹 Broken Links on site
􀂾 Checking out of all the broken internal and external links.
􀂾 Make all links active because any dead link may hamper the rankings of your site (If required).
􀀹 Internal Link Structure optimization
􀂾 Inter linking all pages through the content using Keyword and Key phrases to its relevant pages to boost
up overall internal structure of the site. It helps your site to get crawled by search engine easily and
visitors can also move easily from one page to another.
􀂾 Improvement in the internal links of site through proper internal linking of site.
􀀹 Navigation Bar optimization
􀂾 Work on the navigation bar to connect important pages through the home page(If required).
􀂾 Optimization of the top menu bar and footer of web site (If required).
􀀹 Sitemap
􀂾 Creation of XML, Sitemap for Google, Yahoo and MSN and its Submission.
􀂾 Also creation of Yahoo! Text Sitemap.
􀂾 HTML Sitemap update (If required).
􀀹 Implementation of RSS feed If required
􀂾 Preparation of RSS feed If website having News or Article section.
􀂾 Addition of add on options such as content and website seo blogs that can increase speed of results.
© Find My Company LLC.

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