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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Link Building Quality Parameters

Link Building requires deep analysis of search engine algorithms and there response to the quality & relevancy of the links so if you are planning to outsource your link building campaigns, it is extremely important that you must insist your service provider to conform to the following quality guidelines for your Link Building Campaign.

  1. Only Incoming (non-reciprocal) links.
  2. Links with specified "Keywords" in the Anchor Text.
  3. Sufficient randomization in the anchor text and associated link description text so as to not have a set pattern of linking.
  4. Links from sites that have PR specified links page.
  5. Link to your site should not be through a "redirect" script.
  6. No JavaScript links.
  7. No framed sites.
  8. No flash site links.
  9. No robots.txt excluded link pages.
  10. No Robots Tag excluded link pages.
  11. No paid or time-bound links
  12. Links from Pre-indexed Pages only.
  13. Spread your site link across different domains.
  14. No SPAM should be used to solicit links.
  15. No links from Link Farms.
  16. No links from FFA (Free-For-All) link networks.
  17. Don't get links from Blogs and that have the Link Attribute, "rel=nofollow".
  18. No links from PORN, racially prejudiced sites and other sites containing offensive content.
  19. Full data sheet of links created at the end of each month.
  20. Only relevant established links should be counted in the final report.
  21. The links creation should be spread across a duration of time, so that there is no sudden surge in the incoming links count.
  22. No more than 60 links per page where your link appears
  23. Links from industry-relevant pages.
  24. Links pace as per client convenience
  25. No email spam used to solicit links
Link Popularity Building helps your website gain high Page Rank which enables your site to rank higher in major Search Engines with highly competitive keywords.

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