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Monday, September 17, 2007

Way of Link Campaigns

If we are going to be engaged with link campaigns,there are various reasons for that. Mostly search engines always prefer links to determine a site rank in SERPs(search engine results page).And if we talk about Google algorithms, link campaigns always play a vital role in search engine promotion and marketing strategies.

Before getting into it deeply,lets have a look on types of link campaigns we often handle:

Reciprocal Link: This is where two sites exchange links to each other's site.

One Way Link : where one site links to other site without getting link back from that site.

Tri-Way Link : where one site links to other site and get back a link from other's secondary site.

Reciprocal linking is a easy process than one way linking and also time consuming process too. During this process, a web master look for the related websites and ask them for link exchange.

If and when you receive some responses, you should add their sites as soon as you can, and send them an email telling them that their link has been added, and include the url where they can see their site.

In-Bound (One-way) Links are the best type of links if you can get them. It's not all that difficult to do so, but as in anything worth while, there will be an amount of effort involved.

The easiest way to get In bound links to your site is to do directory submissions. There are many great free directories to submit to, and it's worth the time and effort to get listed in as many as you possibly can.

There are also fee-based directories which you submit to, and as your budget allows, you should try to get listed in all directories that are relevant to your site's topic.

The next way to get one-way links to your site is to do a press release. With sites such as prwire, you can submit a press release to them for free, and that will not only get your site exposure, but it will also get you some in-bound links.

If you have the ability to compose articles or columns, there are many sites that can get your site exposure by you allowing them to re-print your content. While some may argue that this procedure may penalize you in the search engines for duplicate content, as long as you have posted your article to your site first, you shouldn't get hit by a duplicate content penalty.

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